Magic Care™

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Magic Care

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What is Magic Care™?

Magic Care is a service offered by Magic Designs that covers the whole aspect of your website such as but not limited to; downtime caused by attack, bug, malware, hacker. Additionally our team is active 24/7/365 around the clock to be the first responders to get your business back online.

Why Choose Magic Care™?

Unlike web agencies that focus only on making websites, we also make websites but our response time to fixes is unbeatable. We care about customer satisfaction, so we can guarantee you the best service.

How long does it take to fix my website?

This all depends on the cause of the event. Typically we will need to access the log files from the server and or the website if available. If we do not have these logs at our disposable, it may take up to an hour to fix the issue.

Do you clean malware?

Yes! We carefully remove the virus using the best practices. When infection occurs, the whole website must be scanned, including posts, users and files. We then have to monitor your website closely to prevent the malware from multiplying. Leaving an infection too long can damage your online reputation.

Do you require access to my website?

Yes, we need access so we can install plugins, access and inspect the whole website. Alternatively you could send us a backup of your website, we clean it and send it back to you.

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